Her Style of Tea was created to empower Christian women to live in freedom, pursue wholeness, and embrace their identities as beloved daughters of God.

I write articles and create resources designed to help you in your walk with Christ. I know it can be challenging to navigate Christianity and build a strong relationship with God especially as a young woman. But, I want to help you in your journey.

I also want to help you if you struggle to live in freedom, or feel stuck in negative cycles. There is a way out.

Next, while faith is central here, I also want to help you pursue wholeness in your life. Wholeness is the state of forming a complete and harmonious whole, unity. God has called us to steward our body, soul, and spirit. I can’t build my faith while neglecting my mental health and I can’t care for my mental health without nurturing my body. Everything needs to work together. 

Finally, I want to help you to embrace your God-given identity.  

Let’s go deeper on that last point. 


I over-obsessed about my weaknesses and nit-picked my flaws.

I used to really struggle with embracing my God-given identity. I was so good at pinpointing my weaknesses that I forgot to notice my strengths. I was even better at comparing myself. But, I always came up short when I measured myself against the invisible standard I created in my mind. I wanted to fit in, not realizing I was born to stand out. Truth is, God created me to be me, not anyone else. I could only live my freest and most fulfilled life when I embraced that truth. That goes for you too. 

I’m not too sure how you stumbled across this space but I am so glad you are here. I hope every article reminds you how special and loved you are. I pray each resource helps you in your walk with Christ and pushes you closer to your purpose. 

Welcome & thank you so much for being here.

With love,


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